Tips When Traveling to Tanzania and Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tanzania travel tips

Tanzania is known for its iconic landmark, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Giving Tanzania travel tips won’t be complete without mentioning this favorite destination. This peak is one of the most popular across Africa with hundreds of climbers aspiring to reach the top. Here are some tips when trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro and while traveling in Tanzania.

Pack light

Tanzania travel cost shouldn’t be as heavy as your backpack. Although you’ll bring lots of things, just pack those that you need. The local guides can give you a packing list. Always follow this for your own benefit and safety.  You don’t always have to purchase a high-end gear. A functional one should suffice.

Use biodegradable wipes

Like what they say: take only pictures, leave only footsteps. If you are to use wipes, bring a biodegradable one and a black ziplock. Although your wipes are eco-friendly, you shouldn’t leave in on top of the mountain. You should dump this on camp toilets which you’ll encounter along the way.

Apply sunscreen

Aside from trekking, your Tanzania Safari holidays will also include going on deserts and other parts of the country. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before basking into the sun. Tourists get badly burnt while trekking and going around Kilimanjaro. Opt for SPF 50 and up for optimal protection.

Learn how to use heaters

You’re not supposed to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro without a heater. There are jacket heaters that you can buy so you’ll stay toasty for the whole climb. Be prepared because it’s going to be freezing cold everywhere, especially as you inch closer to the summit.

These Tanzania travel tips are just a few to keep in mind. Always do your homework before heading to your destination. Through that, your vacation will stay fun and enjoyable during your stay.


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