The salon and the large veranda are equipped with a fire side. Here you find plenty of space to laze around, to have relaxed conversations or to play game of chess.

All rooms are accessible through the partially open atrium which is the center of the house. The interior space carried by 8 brick pillar is bathed in light. Colorful Bougainvillea vine itself from the ground to the skylight.

The entrances grant an inside and outside view. It is the perfect passage to the pallor with the fireplace.



While the atrium with light furniture is inviting to chill out, the pallor with its colorful sofas and comfortable armchairs welcomes you to end the day at the fireplace.

Atrium and pallor are the centerpieces of the house and are a well made symbiosis between old and new architecture and between inside and outside.

Jewels of old and contemporary art and commodities of Grandpa’s times are arranged passionately on the walls, on the grounds and in the garden for you to explore.