Language and Tipping

English is widely spoken but a few words of Swahili can be useful and will be appreciated by locals.

Tipping is not obligatory, but a tip for exceptional service will be appreciated by local staff and guides. Please use our Tip Boxes so our Lodge Managers can ensure every staff member, from those at the front of house to those ensuring your stay is comfortable behind the scenes, are recognized for their hard work.


Yellow Fever Vaccination is required and you may be asked to produce a certificate at entry ports. Malaria is endemic but is preventable; use insect repellent, cover up at sundown, sleep under a mosquito net and take anti-malaria prophylactics as advised by your doctor. Bring prescription medicines, spare glasses, contact lenses/solution and sunscreen as well as a small first aid kit with diarrhea remedy and cream for insect bites.

Semira Farmhouse have a good first aid kit and the manager are trained in the use of them.

Drink only bottled or boiled water throughout your stay.


Ensure to pack film and batteries for your camera. Protect your cameras from dust and keep equipment and film cool. Flash photography is not permitted whilst chimpanzee trekking. It is courteous to ask permission before photographing local people.

You will find electrical charge points (220V) for your personal electronic devices in all our rooms.


Guests must have comprehensive travel and health insurance to cover emergency medical evacuation, insurance to loss of baggage or valuables, personal accident and medical expenses.

On booking a safari, it is assumed that the guests have also confirmed that he/she is medically fit, have been vaccinated and are in good health.

Semira Farmhouse shall not be held responsible for accident, loss, illness, theft or personal injury. It will also not accept responsibility or be liable for inconveniences or financial implications of any sort arising from any accident on the Hotel / Lodge / Camp premises during the guest’s stay.


GMT + 3 hours


220V, but power failures and surges are common. Ensure to pack a universal adaptor for three pin square plugs and a flashlight or headlamp.


On the left side of the road. An international license is required.

Traveling with Children

Tanzanians love children and are especially helpful to mothers. Canned baby foods, powdered milk and disposable nappies may not be available outside major towns.


Check current requirements with the nearest Tanzanian High Commission, embassy or consulate, or your travel agent. Visas, if required can be bought on arrival at all international airports and overland borders.


Tanzania is a generally safe country, but don’t invite crime. Keep an eye on your belongings. Leave valuable jewelry at home.


It is recommended not to indiscriminately hand out pens, money and sweets as it encourages locals to be dependent on tourists instead of independently financing their livelihood. As anywhere, gifts should be given as a true expression of friendship, appreciation or thanks.


The tourist areas and hotels sell a wide range of souvenirs, jewelry and trinkets. Don’t be afraid to haggle at roadside curio stalls but remember that for many people this is the only way they make their living.