The journey is the destination: Kisereo-Waterfall

Only a few houses are nearby the soft slope of the village road. The local residents of this area grow coffee and maize to make their living.

Depending on the season either the high and slender corn plants with their light green colour dominate the scenery or the lower coffee trees with a darker green.

Of course you will see on each property also banana trees all year long. We are in the Chagga region, which is well known for good soil and dedicated farmers, who profit from the water from Mount Kilimanjaro the whole year.

Soon our hiking tour is taking us cross-country through forest and bush, and a bit over hill and dale.

The rush of water gets stronger constantly. The small ravine at the foot of the waterfall seems to be untouched for ages.

Ferns with a high of several meters and huge leaves are building a roof above the clearing. At other places the ferns are blocking the path as if to prevent the hikers from going deeper into the small canyon till it`s end. Also here water is coming down the hillside in small trickles.

For those who prefer for their way back the short cut the hike will take about 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Those who like to spend more time at the waterfall or who want to dive into the atmosphere of the village life – maybe also to taste local food – can be on the way for 4 hours or more.